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Level 1: Introduction to Occlusion
Introduction to Occlusion, Cranomandibular Disorders
and Oral Rehabilitation

Level II: Advanced Occlusion Advanced Occlusion, Craniomandibular Disorders
and Oral Rehabilitation

Diagnostic Wax-up
Diagnostic Wax-up in Class I,
Class II, Class III and Cross-bite

1st year Master's Program
Functions and Dysfunctions of
the craniofacial and masticatory

2st year Master's Program
Therapies for the functionally disturbed masticatory systems
with prosthetics as the point of
main effort

Interceptive Orthodonctic Program

Professor Sato Orthodontic Course

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Institut Dentaire Alain Landry


Graduating from Laval University in 1976 in general dentistry, Dr. Alain Landry (D.M.D.) quickly realized the prevalence of occlusion and Craniomandibular Disorders for some of his patients.

In 1980, he became interested on a part time basis in the treatment of Craniomandibular Disorders (C.M.D.), in view of providing better care to his patients. He had to travel all over North America to find solutions to help and treat his debilitated patients.

He had the opportunity of studying with Dr Paul Jean, chief of the Department of Occlusion and Fixed Prosthodontics at Laval University. Dr. Jean was his mentor for ten years and this experience inspired him to obtain training which was only available overseas.

This led him to meet Professor Rudolf Slavicek at the University of Vienna in Austria in 1989.

In 1990, after receiving an increasing number of referrals from his colleagues and after numerous training sessions overseas, he decided to limit his practice exclusively to the treatment of craniomandibular disorders (C.M.D.), major orthodontics and oral rehabilitation.

From 1990 to 1994, after posing appropriate diagnoses, he applied himself diligently to mastering the therapeutic treatments he had learned from various schools of thought.

Since most of the thinking behind these therapeutic approaches were very dogmatic, the results were not always suitable to the situation.

Therefore, he had to develop his own treatment methods based on a rigorous analysis of the masticatory system and condition of the patient before providing treatment.

Since 1994, he has developed the following treatment methods:

The Controlled Mandibular Repositioning (C.M.R) method

A method to provide an exact reproduction of the final wax-up in his temporary restoration

A method for final wax-up reproduction in ceramic restorations ?

A method for completing treatment of craniomandibular disorder patients with orthodontics

A surgical guide to assist the surgeon in the treatment of patients with craniomandibular disorders (C.M.D.)

Establishment of the Institute

Encouraged by several of his colleagues, Dr. Landry decided to found a dental institute in his name in 1992 to showcase his unique abilities.

Since 1994, he has openly shared with his colleagues his clinical experience as well as methods he has perfected to ensure the well-being of his patients.

Since its inception, the Institut Dentaire Alain Landry has welcomed hundreds of dentists from Quebec, New Brunswick, the U.S. and Europe who seek training in occlusion, craniomandibular disorders and oral rehabilitation.

The Institut Dentaire Alain Landry has as its mission to offer training programs with the finest and most recent schools of thought in North America, Europe and Japan which will enable dentists to acquire new knowledge, develop new competencies which they can incorporate into the heart of their practices for the well-being of their patients.

Health professionals who are motivated and willing to be in tune with technological evolution, constant changes in information, knowledge, the improvement in the quality of care and services are forced to upgrade their theoretical and practical knowledge. This training provides them with greater confidence when it comes to elaborating treatment plans for complex cases, performing clinical, functional and instrumental examinations functions with the goal of maintaining or regaining normal health, in other words, normal function.

The execution of treatment plans will also be enhanced by the presence of an interdisciplinary team of different health professionals. Topics will include: cranial-mandibular disorders, orthodontics, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, psychology, psychiatry and physiotherapy. With this newly acquired knowledge, you will be able to perform oral rehabilitation with greater assurance.

The Institut Dentaire Alain Landry will give you the opportunity to meet your goals, as well as discover and most importantly learn how to use numerous resources. You will become more competent and skillful. Beyond providing new information, our training directs you towards greater understanding and know-how. A large part of our teaching is based on practical experience.

You will have the opportunity to test and apply what you have learned in your practice. This will maximize what you have learned and allow you to master the techniques you have acquired.

Training at the Institute

The Institut Dentaire Alain Landry has offered several training courses since 1992 as follows :

Level I : Introduction to occlusion, craniomandibular disorders and oral rehabilitation.

Level II : Advanced Occlusion, craniomandibular disorders and
oral rehabilitation.

Diagnostic Wax-Up in Class I, Class II, Class III and cross-bite.

Master’s Program offered by Donau University in collaboration with I.D.A.L.

Other training available


  Craniomandibular Disorders


  Oral Rehabilitation

  Diagnostic Wax-Up

Private consultation service

Conferences to specific groups: the material is adapted to meet the needs of your group

Since the fall of 2005, we offer the possibility of a training program which allows you to obtain a Master’s of Science in Dental Sciences (M.Sc.) at Donau University in Krems, Austria (DUK). This program is offered in Quebec City, a collaboration between the Institut Dentaire Alain Landry and Donau University in Austria.

Donau University oversees the quality and content of the seminars.

Donau University designates the academic title.

We also offer seminars. Our conference speakers can travel from Japan, Austria, Germany and Italy to present on topics related to orthodontics, diagnostic wax-up, photography, etc.

The Institut Dentaire Alain Landry favours practical training in small groups in order to ensure a maximal learning experience.



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