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Level 1: Introduction to Occlusion
Introduction to Occlusion, Cranomandibular Disorders
and Oral Rehabilitation

Level II: Advanced Occlusion Advanced Occlusion, Craniomandibular Disorders
and Oral Rehabilitation

Diagnostic Wax-up
Diagnostic Wax-up in Class I,
Class II, Class III and Cross-bite

1st year Master's Program
Functions and Dysfunctions of
the craniofacial and masticatory

2st year Master's Program
Therapies for the functionally disturbed masticatory systems
with prosthetics as the point of
main effort

Interceptive Orthodonctic Program

Professor Sato Orthodontic Course

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Welcome to the Institute

Modern dentistry is becoming more and more diversified, it offers therapeutic methods that have not been available up until now.

With the evolution of new technologies, our profession seems to have overlooked the importance of having an optimal maxillo-mandibular relation and functional occlusion for each of our patients who requires any kind of rehabilitation. Many practitioners mention that they refrain from occlusion because they feel insecure or lack knowledge. However, dentists working in the area of dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry and removable, permanent fixed prosthodontics (implant supported or not) will inevitably perform occlusion.

Many schools of thought offering solutions for treating problems related to occlusion and craniomandibular disorders (C.M.D.) unfortunately limit themselves to methods which they pretend to apply to all cases.

Every human being is unique. Therefore, my belief is that each patient should be evaluated both statically and dynamically.  The functions of our patient masticatory system must be analysed from the aspects of dynamics.

It is vital that we evaluate each patient as a whole.  Evaluation must take into consideration the neuro-musculo-skeletal system as well as chronic pain.  This is why our Institute favours an interdisciplinary approach with different health professionals.

What sets us apart from the other institutes is the fact that we emphasize thorough analysis of the functions and dysfunctions of the masticatory system, all the while keeping the patient's global condition in mind.

Dr. Alain Landry, D.M.D, M.Sc.
Founding President of the Institute
Curriculum Vitae Dr Alain Landry


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