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Level 1: Introduction to Occlusion
Introduction to Occlusion, Cranomandibular Disorders
and Oral Rehabilitation

Level II: Advanced Occlusion Advanced Occlusion, Craniomandibular Disorders
and Oral Rehabilitation

Diagnostic Wax-up
Diagnostic Wax-up in Class I,
Class II, Class III and Cross-bite

1st year Master's Program
Functions and Dysfunctions of
the craniofacial and masticatory

2st year Master's Program
Therapies for the functionally disturbed masticatory systems
with prosthetics as the point of
main effort

Interceptive Orthodonctic Program

Professor Sato Orthodontic Course

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Dre Josée Poulin

« ... When we went to Krems, Austria to present our Master’s research in August 2007, we realized that the training offered by Dr. Alain Laundry is far more comprehensive than that which is offered in Europe. Dr Landry has 20 years’ experience in the area of cranio -mandibular disorders and this makes all the difference. »
Dr Louis-René Dubois, D.M.D., Bromont
« … The diagnosis and treatment of cranio-mandibular dysfunction has been for some time an immense challenge for any dentist who is confronted with dental malocclusion and the complexity of its rehabilitation. Finally, IDAL is helping us to address this challenge with lots of confidence. …»
Dr André Guay, D.M.D. , Cert . Ortho., Hull
« … With the valuable knowledge I have recently acquired, I am able to do a global evaluation of Fort malocclusions as part of my practice. The discomfort I felt previously when addressing the problem of T.M.J problems has been transformed into confidence and understanding. …»
Dr André Basque, D.M.D., M.Sc., Jonquière
« … I feel more confident in performing work related to fixed and removable protheses. I think every dentist should take at least the level 1 training at I.D.A.L. to understand better the T.M.Js. and their dysfonctions...»

Dr Jean-Louis Rioux, D.M.D., Moncton. N.B.

« ... I have treated patients with dental problems related to craniomandibular disorders for the past 20 years. In 2004, I took Levels I and II with Dr. Landry. I am now able to do a better diagnosis, reduce the treatment time and have increased my success rate from 65% to 95%. My patients receive a better service. I recommend this training to any professional who wants to help a number of patients afflicted with this type of problem.

Dre Yasmine Fyaz , D.M.D., M.Sc., Montréal

« ... Thank you Dr. Landry for providing this training which gives us a global perspective of the patient.

Today I feel privileged in relation to other dentists, thanks to your tenacity and passion with which you transmit your knowledge. I can not find enough words to express my appreciation. It’s with lots of emotion that I am fondly remembering my experience in Krems which was made very unique by your presence.»

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Dr Phuc Huynh, D.M.D., Longueuil
« … Dr. Landry’s course has been the most important and useful training in my career. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to all dentists who want to upgrade their standard in dentistry. …»


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