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Niveau I : Initiation à l'occlusion, aux désordres crânio-mandibulaires et la réhabilitation buccale

Niveau II : Excellence en occlusion, Désordres Crânio-Mandibulaires et Réhabilitation buccale

Cirage diagnostic en Classe I, en Classe II, en Classe III et articulés inversés

Programme de Maîtrise 1ère année Fonctions et disfonctionions of the craniofacial and masticatory systems

Programme de Maîtrise 2e année Therapies for the focntionnaly disturbed masticatory systems with prosthetics as the point of main effort

Interceptive Orthodontic program

Cours d'orthodontie professeur Sato

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Specialization in:

Therapies for the functionally disturbed masticatory system
with Prosthetics as the point of main effort

The goal of this subject of specialization, Therapy of the functionally disturbed masticatory organ with Prosthetics as the point of main effort is to give the student profound interdisciplinary, yet specialized and application-based scientific and practical knowledge.

Diagnostic work-up and a well prepared documentation of the patient after function-oriented
preliminary treatment will be followed by definitive rehabilitation of the masticatory organ.
The main purpose is to confront the student with the most recent research results on interdisciplinary cooperation between specific sub-specialties within dentistry and
the potential necessity of final prosthetic rehabilitation .

Special emphasis will be given to interdisciplinary networking and team work between
specialties as a result of such networking. This applies to the interdisciplinary specialties
of dentistry, including orthodontics, oral surgery and periodontology, as well as interdisciplinary
networking with other medical specialties such as maxillofacial surgery, psychology,
psychiatry and physiotherapy.

Another important aspect of the course concerns the integration of dental technicians,
who will be actively involved in planning and therapy within the laboratory. One of the goals
is to promote the management of interdisciplinary cooperative work by creating teams within
the course.

Theoretical and practical aspects of the course "Therapy of the functionally disturbed
masticatory organ with Prosthetics as the point of main effort"

Interdisciplinary cooperation during the course

The common occlusal concept

The interdisciplinary team and the groups to be constituted from the team

Orthodontic pre-treatment in specific cases

Strategic implantation in spaced dentition

Accompanying physiotherapy

Periodontal surgery measures

Final prosthetic rehabilitation

Close-fitting prosthetic rehabilitation

Restoration of the individual tooth

Quadrant restoration

Restoration of the upper front teet

Restoration of the lower front teeth

Rehabilitation of the canines

Removable treatment measures for spaced teeth

Definition of spaced teeth

Diagnostic parameters

Planning the bearing and supporting elements

Planning large and small connectors

Biomechanics of removable treatment measures

Alternatives for planning spaced dentition with EDP

Deciding about the bearing and supporting elements

Mobility of the teeth

Development of correct clasp profiles

Deciding about telescope crowns and tapered crowns

Determining the resilience of the resting seat for the prosthesis

Treatment of the edentulous mouth

Diagnostics in total prosthetics

Lateral X-ray - the vertical dimension

Preliminary treatment in total prosthetics

Definitive therapy

Dental casts

Primary determination of relation

Producing individual bite spoons

Individual casts

Bite registration

Fitting in the teeth

Esthetics - Phonetics - Occlusion - Articulation

Integration; Instructing the patient



Implant prosthetics

Prosthetic priority in the planning procedure

Occlusion and the availability of bone

Imaging procedures and the articulator

Prosthetic concepts

The special prosthetic patient

Tumor patients in prosthetic rehabilitation

Prosthetics for severe dysgnathia

Prosthetics for multiple aplasia

Prosthetics in the patient with psychic problems

Goal of the Core Curriculum:

After the specialization course has been concluded, the examination module will be held
in Krems. It will include a final presentation of all treated cases and a discussion of these.

There will be a written and oral final examination.

The students may start to work on their Master's thesis during the course.



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